“…one can imagine that it won’t be long before they take their place alongside the greats in the annals of electronica.”

– ReGen Magazine

The Megadrives, founders of Quantum Groove Records, are two long time fans of Electronic music turned producers & DJs. Drawing much of their inspiration from Electronica duo peers such as The Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method, Daft Punk and Orbital. The Megadrives unabashedly express themselves using the computer to output original, propulsive sounds in their quest to bring every listener together on the dance floor via the rhythms & melodies.

Their live shows are the definition of intense creative energy. Wherever they perform, they leave audiences mesmerized. In a sea of DJs and Ableton Live producers—The Megadrives stand-out by writing and performing all self produced music using the music software Renoise. Within the realm of electronic music, they refuse to limit themselves to one particular genre, exploring any style that excites them. They’re at their best unleashing an ever-changing, fluid mix of Acid, Ambient, Breaks, Down-tempo, Drum & Bass, Dub, Glitch, House, IDM, Psychedelic, Techno, and hybridized sounds that have yet to be labeled. They have also been known to include live video projections.

“A Fitting soundtrack for an apocalyptic party or any party.”

[Apocalypse Party Mix] –

Through a variety of events, The Megadrives have been billed alongside such acts as: Alex B. (Paper Diamond), Aligning Minds, Alvin Risk, Anamanaguchi, Beats Antique, Blockhead, Bluetech, Crystal Method, Dara, Die Antwoord, ELM, Erothyme, The Glitch Mob, Juno Reactor, Papadosio, Peelander-Z, Porter Robinson, R.A.W. (6Blocc), Random Rab, DJ Rashad, Soohan, Starkey, & more.

K-Rai has successfully competed at Laptop Battles, been featured on NPR (National Public Radio) & Grooves Magazine, and has had several tracks make the top-ten chart on with his club remix of Ether Perfect by Aligning Minds reaching #1. The Megadrives are the resident DJs for Super Art Fight which was featured in Wired magazine and recently collaborated with

Since 2006, together as The Megadrives the team has performed at festivals such as Catalyst, Desiderata, Evolvefest, Freeform, Moonrise, & Pink Moon, opened for The Crystal Method on their Divided By Night Tour, headlined for the Otaku Rave at Otakon, provided music for art openings and many other events. They have music featured in the documentary Fagbug, an exclusive remix on the soundtrack for the critically acclaimed video game GunLord, did the music for Acura’s “BOOM” campaign TV spots, have been sponsored by Skullcandy, and continue to pursue various creative outlets for their original electronic music.

“…world-class electronica. The Megadrives are two of the most diverse and masterful laptop maestros playing the game these days.”

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