The Megadrives are no stranger to benefit concerts and supporting worthwhile causes. Since our inception we’ve performed at various charity events & fundraisers on a regular basis, benefiting such causes as: Philippines Typhoon Disaster Relief, Evolver social movement, Maryland Salem Children’s Trust, Exeter Gardens Project, Desiderata Yoga/Music/Art/Film Festival, Alex Grey’s CoSM, Haiti hurricane relief effort, Baltimore’s Inter-Tribal PowWow, Acorn fair housing, Hope Solution Telethon against environmental toxins, Hexagon Arts & Music Collective, and more. We have recently become a member of the Electronic Music Alliance and will continue to support environmental and humanitarian efforts through our music & giving back to the community.

Mission Statement: EMA, or the Electronic Music Alliance, is committed to promoting electronic dance music as a culture and an art. EMA has been established for the purpose of 1) protecting the rights of our culture, 2) to set industry and edm community standards in regards to social, ethical, and environmental responsibilities, 3) and to leverage the power of our community for positive social change.

With the involvement of the dance music community we will be the “Sound of Change,” and support planetary sustainability & social good while actively encouraging collaborations intent on bringing the world the best of what our culture has to offer.

Please visit the site for more information.