The Megadrives – Apocalypse Party Mix : 4 Stars

“The Baltimore based duo The Megadrives have astounded countless parties with their live electronic performances. Their latest release, Apocalypse Party Mix, is a fine addition to their discography. As true as you can get to the Megadrives mantra, It is no secret that Apocalypse Party Mix is awash with eclectic grooves and sounds that pay a well developed tribute to a plethora of old school electro genre’s. With their hardcore enthusiasm for electronica, old and new, this album proves their dedication to craft unique yet familiar approaches with uncompromising precision.” – Roy Retrofit,


The Megadrives – Continue : 4 Stars

“Running the gamut from trance to dub to breakbeat, The Megadrives release an appealing sophomore album that takes their diverse style even further.

As technology moves forward into an age where convenience and speed are seemingly essential, the abundance of laptop DJs and artists to emerge has been staggering. As the state of the art calls for a greater reliance on software, it should come as no surprise to see a group like The Megadrives taking full advantage of the trend. Based in Baltimore, MD, the duo of K-Rai and Sheephead have for the past several years been building up their reputation as a dynamic force, playing numerous festivals and events covering the spectrum of electronica from techno, electro, breakbeat, and all points in between … Make no mistake – The Megadrives are not just another electronic laptop DJ duo. The intelligent arrangements, intricately programmed beats, and experimental tones at play on Continue show them to be a band willing to think beyond convention, playing with trends and attacking the music with all the bravado of a rock band. There is nary a dull moment as each song moves with such speed and urgency, changing character without losing coherence, creating a seamless flow from track-to-track. Continue proves that K-Rai and Sheephead have no intention of slowing down or stifling their creative drive, and with this kind of energy on display, one can imagine that it won’t be long before they take their place alongside the greats in the annals of electronica.” – Ilker Yücel , Regen Magazine


“Not only are the Megadrives the perfect accompaniment for sweaty nightclubs, late night warehouse parties, outdoor summer festivals, or any other typical ballyhoo… they also fit in quite nicely in a proper gallery setting… we can say that the music was, in fact, delectable.”
– Brooke Hall, What Weekly


“Laptop DJs beware! With a new debut album and plenty of high profile shows under their boots, The Megadrives beckon to provide a mind-bending electronic music experience… with the release of the Press Start debut, The Megadrives arrive with a clean slate to present their brand of intricately crafted, expansive dance music to a scene in desperate need of some new heroes.”
– Ilker Yücel, Regen Magazine


“Electronica makes a comeback in Baltimore” [w/ Crystal Method]
– Rob Perry, Special to Metromix


“Megadrives, a Baltimore trio that makes throwback-y electronica/techno crafted for your Underworld nerve…”
– Michael Byrne, Baltimore City Paper’s Short List


“When we play, it’s all about being in the moment and feeding off the energy of the crowd, It’s very flexible, what we have. … It can go all over the place.”
– excerpt from interview with Sam Sessa for the Baltimore Sun


“Psychedelic Powerhouse”
– Wendy Ward, Baltimore City Paper’s Critic’s Pick


”…a hybrid of a live band and DJ team. The Megadrives create a flowing mixture of electronic styles…”
– Feature in SEN magazine #3 [Baltimore Music Conference Issue]